Presence detection with openHAB android app?

Hi all,

I used to do presence detection by querying my wifi router if the mac address of my phone is connected. Unfortunately this does not work reliably on my Android 10 phone, because my phone does not connect automatically to the wifi after a connection loss in sleep mode.

Do you have any ideas how to extend the openHAB app to have reliable presence detection?

I have programming experience but very little experience in developing android apps.

File an issue (search to make sure there isn’t one already). You could easily implement this using Tasker, no coding required. Many users use arping as part of the Network binding.

One thing to be wary of is new Android phones will generate a random MAC address by default so you will need to disable that in the wifi settings. I believe Apple does this too.

Well since you were already validating your MAC on the router, see if this is an option for you still working in my case (not that I leave the house much anymore).

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