Presence Detector Mix

Hi, i can’t fond a way to have a good presence detector…

I tried bluetooth detection from my OH server (MAC) to my iPhone but it disconnect some time and it very frustrating when everything shut down in the house because the presence detection think you are gone. Or my girlfriend just turn off her bluetooth BECAUSE …

The i try Geo localisation with the new Home Automation Built in with iOS 10 but some time it don’t event record that I leave …

I did’t try the iPhone wifi detector does it work well ? but the issue is the same if I turn off the wifi in the day and forgot to turn it on it won’t work

SO ! I would like to create a rule that take 2 or 3 value of presence to know if i’m home but I don’t know where to start

Presence detection is a tricky problem. Because each and every system has a different set of sensors available almost everyone’s presence detection tends to be fairly unique. However, a generic approach to aggregate the states of multiple sensors to detect presence is posted here:

The above is just a generic Rule. You still need to figure out what you want to use to detect presence. The fact that you are working with iPhones make this a little difficult because Apple turns things off. To reliably detect the iPhone on the network you either need to do so from your router or use an external command.

Bluetooth detecting works best, I’ve found, when you have multiple detectors. I have multiple Raspberry Pis scattered throughout my house anyway so I plugged in a BT dongle into each and wrote the following script to report BT detections to OH.

I’ve found with at least two detectors I can pretty reliably detect both my Android and my wife’s iPhone.

There is a project called reelyActive (tutorial for integration with OH is below) that is able to passively detect BTLE which makes it great when you have devices like fitness trackers, smart watches, etc.

This should be enough to get you started.

I haven’t seen much as far as people using cameras and CV to detect. I am considering this option, using security cameras, or small cameras around the house, that could identify my family. that way presence detection could work at the room level even if I have no electronics on my person and the system know it’s me vs “someone” via motion sensor.

People have “integrated” OH with Zoneminder. I put quotes around “integrated” because it basically consists of a PHP script that polls the Zoneminder DB for motion detection events. With this amount of integration though your security cameras can double as a motion detector.

The challenge I’ve found just watching the video for my one camera setup is I’m not sure there is always enough detail to make an individual’s ID every time. So I’m not certain that it would be reliable enough to work as detecting when a specific person is home to drive automated behaviors. But your cameras may be positioned and have high enough quality to work better.

Of course, at least for me and my family, the creep factor of having a bunch of cameras inside the house is too high so we will never go beyond cameras at the entry points.