Presence Simulation [;


Simulates presence by playing back Item states from the default persistence from a number of days ago commanding the devices so they behave the same way, simulating presence.

Parameter Type Purpose
Enable Simulation Switch Item Switch Item which, when OFF, will trigger the simulator rule to run. OFF was chosen to make it easier to tie the rule to an Item that tracks presence.
Simulation Items Group Group Item Group whose members are those Items that should be included in the presence simulation. All these Items must support commands (e.g. no Contact Items) and their states must be saved by the default persistence (e.g. no String Items if using rrd4j).
Num Days integer The number of days in the past to simulate the behavior from. It’s best to choose a multiple of 7 to correctly capture different behaviors between work days and weekends.
Minutes integer How many minutes between runs of the rule.

This template is a rewrite of the version written for 3.x to take advantage of new features built into OH 4 and to use JS Scripting.

Language: JS Scripting Scripting with openhab-js 4.0


  • Persistence is installed and configured and the default persistence saves the states of the Items that are to be simulated.
  • openhab-js 4.1.0 or later
  • openhab_rules_tools 2.0.1 or later


Version 0.2

  • throws an exception if openhab-js or openhab_rules_tools is too old

Version 0.1

  • initial release