Presence using wifi on android 10 not stable - phone disconnects

Is there any way to force my Android 10 phone to connect automatically to wifi and reconnect immediately if the connection is interrupted? Unfortunately, it only connects when the screen lock is released.

I didn’t have this problem with my Android 7 phone. This looks like an “optimization” I don’t like…

Do/Did you use ARPing? This unliked “optimization” lower the power consumption, which I guess you do like!

I am not on Android 10 so I do not know if this is valid for Android 10:
mine has a setting where I can switch between enable WIFI in standy: always; during charging; never.

Other possibility might be to use tasker:

No, I query my wifi-router for connected mac-addresses.

I would prefer being able to switch those things on and off. My old phone didn’t have such an optimization and energy consumption was ok.

Unfortunately I do not have such an option.

Not sure if this works for your phone / situation:

Receiving and installing Android 9 confronted me with the same situation. The phone went offline and OH thought I was no longer present.
What did I do? Physically I can only be no longer present inhouse when the door has been opened before the phone went offline. I introduced a proxy switch item on top of the “phone online” switch that was only allowed to go off when my door was opened before. Handling is done by rules. That worked fine for the last 1,5 years.

Thanks for the hint. I’m just using 2,4 ghz wifi, so this won’t solve my problem.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I don’t live alone so I cannot implement this.