Presenting openHAB at an IT conference!

On Thursday I am doing a presentation at an IT conference at a major university in the US. There will be about 70 IT people in attendance in my session. They are coming to learn about my home automation and security project.

Besides my experience and how I set things up, any suggestions on what I should share with them? I have 40 minutes total.


Good luck!
I know it’s daunting but would be great if you could record it for sharing later!
I’d be sure to include a bit about what is home automation… i.e. not just moving control from the light switch to the phone… But I’m sure you’ve got it all under control :slight_smile:

If you share your presentation here, then I would like to help. Otherwise it’s hard to suggest anything.

Putting it together now, hopefully I can get it all done today so there is some time for comments.

Did you have a look at @Kai’s blog?

There’s a lot of input.
And have you seen @teichsta 's presentations on slideshare:

See also

If you need some more material, please let me know, I can also send you some original slides (keynote or pdf).

Good luck for your presentation and thanks for talking about openHAB! :sunglasses:

Those gave me some great info and ideas especially the blog. Thank you!

I am trying to do a very simple set of rules so it doesn’t get too complex and I can build on them as I explain them. In trying to be simple I realize I haven’t actually done something a certain way…

FrontdoorMotion is a String item.
using CMD?FrontdoorMotion=Motion in a browser I set it to be Motion, and that will show in the sitemap fine.
Making a rule run off that never runs.

if(FrontdoorMotion == “Motion”

never becomes true

if(FrontdoorMotion = “Motion”

Incompatible types. Expected boolean but was String.

Is there a simple way to use this string in an If statement?

When I tried to replace the string item with a contact or switch I didn’t get its value to show up in my sitemap, so the string seemed to be the way to go.

Hi all, thanks for your hints. I’d like to share our little experience in Italy. We are a little community that has developed a framework for IoT and Smart Home (field side) and joined it with OH through a specific binding. Thanks to that we currently have more or less 10 houses “full smart” using an OH integration and control platform.

Currently we are sharing our experience as part of a events cycle that aim to rise the attention and debate on Smart Home and related business models (we present the maker point of view and experience, so at first “know-how” and real experience :slight_smile: )

For italian readers the links (tomorrow Milan event):

Sorry for this long preface but it was needed to explain who we are.

About your request for presentation hints, we can tell that we are using the approach to show the overall architecture paying attention to show the “size” of the implementation; show the results from the users or better “home usability” point of view and then (if you have more time) give some details about technicality and costs (i think that it could be better to discuss about these topics in more restricted audience such as a living lab).

I like a lot to dedicate time to speck about the great integration capacity of OH or its extensibility.

You can find information on our speech (in italian) in

Thanks to all

You are missing an important piece: “.state” - it should work as

if(FrontdoorMotion.state == "Motion")

@fulvio_spelta Thanks for your awesome commitment on the SmartHome Now events - I am sorry that I cannot make it to Milan this week, I would have loved to be there. I wish you much success!

Please also feel free to add your talks to for future reference.


Ah perfect. Thank you!

Here is a draft of the presentation. The file is a little large because of some included videos. I tend to talk more than I put on a slide so hopefully they can convey what I am covering.

Let me know what you think if anyone has time to review it!

Hi Drew,
generally a very nice work. Just a hint about time management and planning: you told about a session of 40 min and your presentation currently is 42 slides (with movies) and it seems that you’ll add more slide (there are placeholder).
I think that the size of your document isn’t suitable in order to corretly fit your time and you have a big probability to have to cut your speech somewhere in the middle.

My hint is to rearrange your material in order to “tell a story” so

  1. I’ve started with this goal
  2. this was my difficulties and my choices (very quick, eg: I’ve chosed zwave because there are too many standards)
  3. the goal achieved
  4. lesson learned

This have to be supported by no more that 25 slides (2 minutes a slide requires a trained talking ability so be careful if public speaking isn’t in your common activities)

Leave details at the end of the presentation as backup, if you have time you can use them in a rich Q&A session.

Have a good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Kai,
thanks for your appreciation. The event was very nice with a lot of people attending either the speech than the living lab in the afternoon where we have shown some little low cost devices building some use cases such as light control, load control, intrusion detection system, all binded to an OpenHAB supervisor. People was impressed by the performance of the overall system (and by very low costs) and by flexibility and quality of OpenHAB (we have shown rrd persitence and little rules).

In order to add our slides to the OH wiki let us to know if you think that can be useful because it is focused on our experience and not specifically OH oriented.

Thanks again and hope to meet you in the near future :slight_smile:

Your note about time is spot on. I skipped or only showed part of many of the videos adjusting to questions or comments from the attendees. Thank you all for your help.

Hi Kai, sorry to revive this topic, but i too would like to present Smarthome / OpenHab at an IT event. Do you have any up-to-date slides (of one of your presentations) that i can use ?

There are no publicly available slides that anyone could pick and re-use, but I’ll see how I can help you!

Hello everyone, before I put together some slides for myself, I’d like to ask if anyone has created such a presentation in the meantime or does anyone have basic material from which to create a presentation? I ask because the last entry to this question was a while ago.