Preview in VSC is not working, http and https mixed

I would like to get a preview of my sitemap into vsc.
I get this error from vsc:

error while connecting to openhab rest api. prase error: Expected http/

If I access openhab with the browser I do that with https and this works fine. The problem is there but I don’t know what to write in the settings.jason file. is working fine.

“”: “”,
“openhab.port”: XXXX,
“workbench.iconTheme”: “openhab”

My setup is:
openhab into docker on my syno nas
openhab version 2.5.5
java version 8
https port XXXX
http port 8080
I do have a unifi usg, but this should not matter if I’m not wrong.

It seams that vsc tries to connect with http but with the informations of https. So I do mixe it here. If I put 8080 instead of XXXX, then I get an webserver error. I would preffer to connect over https if this is possible.

How can I configure the settings.jason to go to https?

Thanks for a help


I changed the http ip in my docker config and now it working.