Priority of item file vs. UI-based items (JSON DB)

I wonder how OH2 handles the coexistence of items created via UI (Paper UI or Habmin) and items defined in the items file (in the conf/items directory).
I first created all my items via UI. After getting to know all the short comings of the UI (e.g. no way to create group items etc.) I decided to go back to the “good old way” of items files as in OH1. Now I encounter the problem that after I redefined my items in the item file they do not get updated anymore as usual.
So my question: Do I need to delete the items first via UI and then recreate them via the file? Does this need a restart? How are such conflicts handled by the runtime environment? It is possible to define exactly the same items via UI and file at the same time. Who wins?

That is how I would do it.

This might be sufficient to avoid needing to delete the overridden Items yourself, but I would test it out to find out. This behavior is not guaranteed.

For the .cfg files the text items do indeed take precidence over the PaperUI configs. Logic seems to imply that it would work the same for Items too.

But ultimately I think it would be best to delete the old first and then recreate in the .items files.

@Kai has stated on at least one occasion that the text files always take precidence. But that was in the context of the cfg files. I don’t know if the .items files work the same.