Private openhab cloud - email sending


I’ve managed to setup a docker container in a VPS. The thing is missing is the mail support. In the config there are 2 entries regarding that:

    "mail": {
      "host" : "smtp",
      "port" : 465,
      "user" : "",
      "pass" : "123_openHAB"
    "mailer": {
        "host" : "",
        "port": 465,
        "secureConnection": true,
        "user": "",
        "password": "123_openHAB",
        "from": "My openHAB <>"

Using the my smtp details in both configs, doesn’t make the server send any emails, although there is the log:

ohcloud-app    | 2020-05-27 12:46:27:2727 info: openHAB-cloud: Emulating sendEmail to xxxx@yyyy.zzz about Password recovery

Any thoughts of what might be the issue?


When running your own myopenHAB service, you must not use the smtp server!

This is the default config, present on the repo. Obviously, and as I mentioned, I used my own credentials.
Thanks for the hint anyway.

have a look to the file mailer.js.
In case you get this message productionEnv is not set to ‘production’ and thus it is just emulating and not sending out the mail.

Thanks! To put the host in production a environment var must be set. Just updated the docker-compose file with:

      NODE_ENV: production

And it was done!