Problem adding oomi light bulb

I managed to add my oomi light bulb into my aeotec z-wave network (it has status = online), but the status of it is Unknown Device. I have z-wave binding version 2.4 and I’m running my system on qnap nas.
Would appreciate any help, Thanks

Check against the existing database entry if your device type and id are the same:

Also check if you have a xml file in your userdata/zwave folder for that bulb.

I don’t have a xml file.
What and how to add it?

It should have been created during inclusion process.
You can read more about it here:

What does your log say?

I don’t know what to look for in the log…

All information can be found in the docs, please read them!

Finally managed to create an xml file, but device is still unknown.

This is what’s in the xml:


Can you say what the firmware version is of your bulb? It should be shown in the properties.

it says 0.0

Can you post the XML file here please?

node7.xml (4.1 KB)

Strangely there is no version command class information… This is probably why it’s not being detected…

The database entry is only configured for version 4 of the firmware. This is an error and I’ll remove it. I’ll try to add this to the binding tonight.

Thank you.

Hi chris,
Have you managed to update the file?

Check the second post, there is a link to the database entry:

As you can see on the bottom the database has been updated.
Now you need to wait until the changes make it into the snapshot version of the zwave binding (this usually happens every couple of days) and after that you need to upgrade to the latest snapshot or development version of the binding.

I’ve just kicked off the build now, so it should be ready in 30 minutes or so.

It works, except for the colors

I’ve made another update which should fix the colour mode.

So do i need to download the binding again?

Once the binding is updated, yes, you will also need to update your binding.