Problem changing uuid/secret with new installation

Hi folks,

I am currently migrating from openHAB v3 to v4.
I have created a new installation with v4, transferred all my data, adjusted the breaking changes and would now like to enter the new installation in my account.

However, this does not work!
Every time I enter the uuid/secret and save it, it loads the one from my v3 again?!?!?!

Seems to be a similar problem as here:

Then I thought I would simply swap the uuid/secret on the two servers so that the new instance logs into my productive account, but then I get the following message from both installations:

Error connecting to the openHAB Cloud instance: not authorized. Reconnecting after...

uuid/secret swapped back → works!

What is the best way to proceed now?

My plan was to maintain the connection to Alexa and not have to redo everything…

Problem solved!

A restart of both openHAB installations helped.
Now my new installation is accessible via my productive account and Alexa works too :slight_smile:

Only the problem that the uuid/secret in my account could not be changed still exists…