Problem controlling a Dimmer

Hello everyone, I have create a new binding to controlling a x10 device via cm15 pro. I can turn On/Off a switch item from de UI but I have a problem with a dimmer item. The dimmer item only have two buttons to turn ON/OFF the dimmer. Is there any rule that controls it?

Thank you

A Dimmer should appear on your sitemap as a Slider. Long pressing the up/down should gradually increase/decrease the dimmer value. A short click on the arrows will send ON/OFF. You should be able to drag the slider as well.

Are you starting from the Mochad X10 binding? I suspect there is a lot of code there you can leverage and the community would benefit more from the addition of cm15 pro support to the existing binding than from having yet another X10 binding.

Hello Rich but I’m using OH1 and I only see 2 buttons although if I hold down the buttons I receive increase and decrease commands. I think that my LW11G (Marmitek dimmer) doesn’t work well because I can turn it on/off and increase/decrease by hand but When I send the commands throw the UI it doesn’t do anything, despite I receive the commands well.

Thank you.