Problem creating binding

Platform information:
    Hardware:Intel i7 2.6 GHz, RAM: 8GB, 64-bit
    OS: Windows 8.1
    Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.0_191
    openHAB version: 2.4
Issue of the topic: create binding skeleton

Dear openHAB team!

I have problems with creating my first openhab binding. I created the skeleton and configured the thing-types.xml.


I have a finished Netbeans-Project, which I want to integrate into my Binding. What I am struggling with is that I have no Idea where to put my code. In my Netbeans-Project I am doing a rest-request and parse two parameters out of the JSON. Depending on the channel I want to present the right of the tow parameter. Hope someone can help.


Thank you in advance!

I’ve moved this topic to the development section. Hopefully it will get the attention it needs. Good luck!

The timing is a bit unfortunate. If you use the skeleton, you must use eclipse. No other ide is compatible.

A binding created like this must be migrated to the new build system though before it can be merged into the main openHAB repository. The new build system does work in other IDEs too.

There will be a new skeleton soon.

Within eclipse you will find the sources in the project explorer and the main entry point would be the ThingHandler.

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I went ahead and created a binding in netbeans and now I want to transfer this to eclipse into a binding skeleton.

I am not sure how to transfer and place my code. I configured the GUI already as seen seen in the pictures but I don’t know how to link the code behind

@David_Graeff it would be awesome to have a new skeleton project (please remember that some of us use Windows)
I’m aware that the time isn’t right for starting new binding development, but there is a need for more documentation about binding creation.
I’ve tried to configure Eclipse to start development but I give up after two hours :disappointed:
It is really hard to get started.

I plan to create two bindings, one for PCF8574 (based on MCP23017) and second for BH1750 light sensor (this one will be even simpler).
I want to try something new. I personally need those bindings so this is an opportunity for me to give something back to the community.

It is harsh at the moment, I agree. But all forces are concentrated to move bindings over to the new buildsystem and Kai is busy moving the persistence over from OH1 to OH2.

No one can write that documentation right now. And getting a new milestone out is high priority atm, I guess.

I have also developed an annotation based binding interface that I want to suggest to other maintainers this week. Easier to review and cleaner.