Problem displaying data for channels

Hello community,
We are developing a binding in openHAB. Our problem is that, when displaying the values for a channel, we are having problems with special characters, specifically in “°” (degrees). This is a binding for Zigbee.
In the first case (correct values) the values for the Report_Attribute of the thermostat are displayed:

In the second case (incorrect values) the values for the thermostat’s Read_Attribute are shown, which occurs in the REFRESH:

What could be my problem and solution?

Thank you very much!!


Your Item definitions may influence this.
It would also be helpful to look in your events.log for the Item change events.

Hi @rossko57,
I share the declaration of my channels

<channel-type id="thermostat-local-temperature">
	<label>Local Temperature</label>
	<description>Indicates the local temperature provided by the thermostat</description>
	<state pattern="%.1f %unit%" readOnly="true" />

<channel-type id="thermostat-heating-setpoint">
	<label>Setpoint Temperature</label>
	<state min="5" max="30" step="0.5" pattern="%.1f %unit%"
		readOnly="false" />

Can you see a problem with this statement ??? What is really interesting to me is that it does not always happen, but in different scenarios described above. What exactly can happen?

Thank you!!!


Would it make sense to test this with an other dashboard than Paper UI ?
I think to remember that for one of my devices a channel is not shown in Paper UI while it’s supported for other dashboards - currenlty I do not remember what exactly it was.

Hi @Wolfgang_S

Yes, it is allowed on other interfaces. In this case I use BasicUI and it shows perfectly

So this is a known bug, right?


I do not remember the exact conditions but I know that it was mentioned somewhere here in the forum and for that part it is known and described as something that will not be fixed ( as far as I remember ).

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