Problem\Fail after restart openhab

openHAB ist running on an rasp.
I’ve got an “restart openhab”-Cron-Job every Day at 4 am.
Since a few Days there are some probleme after the restart. I could ask the openhab-Status on Shell and it Looks Ok. I could see a “normal” Logging.
But I couldn’t use the Browser-Frontend and the Update-Values from Items doesn’t saved in the Database.
The REST-Interface is answering and working by Browser.
There are no entries in the Logs.
I have to restart the Maschine for one or two times and everything is working again.
What could I do or looking for?

Thanks for helping!


If you don’t see anything in the logs I would assume you have a worn out sd card. Same happened to me with almost identical fault.

thanks for your reply!
Then I will try again with a new sd card.

If you can hook up a monitor via hmdi you can probably see if there are issues with your sd while the pi is booting. In my case it was throwing some errors regarding mmcblk0.
A good thing to do is to reduce the read/write load and move openhab or at least all persistence services to a separate drive. I now have all openhab related stuff on a 16GB thumb drive.

I followed this guide to some extent to set up my pi. What I didn’t work for me was the temps for /tmp. Needed to be bigger than a couple of megs so I removed it.

I have set my tmpfs for /tmp to 50 MB and after a couple of days without restarting the Pi is still only occupied to 1%.

pi@raspberrypi2 ~ $ df
tmpfs                                51200       168      51032    1% /tmp

Yes, you are right. And it only shoots out of the roof if you are starting a nginx server like I do. And nginx resisted changing its tmp location (starting the server with sudo worked but starting the service didn’t. For some reason it was using a different cfg).
If you only run openhab it is totally fine.

Ahh, thanks for clarifying.

With new sd card, my configuration is working again.
Thanks for the Link - I also think about a separate USB-drive.