Problem Light as Group with separate Color and Brightness

I do have problems setting my light up as described in the documentation: Google Assistant | Light as Group with separate Color and Brightness
As described in the docs it should work like this:

Group  lightGroup { ga="Light" [ useKelvin=true, colorTemperatureRange="2000,9000" ] }
Switch powerItem      (lightGroup) { ga="lightPower" }
Dimmer brightnessItem (lightGroup) { ga="lightBrightness" }
Number colorItem      (lightGroup) { ga="lightColorTemperature" }

If I apply this to my Yeelight:

Group gYeelight1 "Yeelight Bulb (Test)" <light> ["Equipment", "Lighting"] { ga="Light", roomHint="Wohnzimmer" }
Switch Yeelight1_Switch "Power" (gYeelight1) ["Point"] {channel="miio:basic:036232B9:power", ga="lightPower", roomHint="Wohnzimmer"}
Dimmer Yeelight1_Dimmer "Brightness" (gYeelight1) ["Point"] {channel="miio:basic:036232B9:brightness", ga="lightBrightness", roomHint="Wohnzimmer"}
Number  Yeelight1_ColorTemperature "Color Temperature" (gYeelight1) ["Point"] {channel="miio:basic:036232B9:colorTemperature", ga="lightColorTemperature", roomHint="Wohnzimmer" }

The light does not even show up in GA.
If I change the first line to

Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF) gYeelight1 "Yeelight Bulb (Test)" <light> ["Equipment", "Lighting"] { ga="Light", roomHint="Wohnzimmer" }

The light shows up at least but does only provide a switch and no color selection and dimmer. Can someone help?

I think thatvteh roomhint is only neccessayry for the group. With a mqqt light if have done it in the following way and it works like a charme

Group     RB_GF_LR_MiniLED                           "Carport Solar Panel"    <light_fairy_lights>    (gRB_GF_LivingRoom)         {ga="Light" [name="Mini LED", roomHint="Wohnzimmer"]}
// Aktoren
Switch    RB_GF_LR_MiniLED_State                     "Mini-LED"               <control_on_off>        (RB_GF_LR_MiniLED)          {channel="mqtt:topic:61e5bd7fc8:94dfd3027e:PowerSwitch",
                                                                                                                                   stateDescription="" [options="ON=ein, OFF=aus"],
Dimmer    RB_GF_LR_MiniLED_Brightness                "Dimmer"                 <light_light_dim>       (RB_GF_LR_MiniLED)          {channel="mqtt:topic:61e5bd7fc8:94dfd3027e:Brightness",
                                                                                                                                   stateDescription="" [pattern="%d %%"],

Maybe my item description helps

@Dibbler42 thanks for your example. I was able to identify whenever I have the Yeelight1_ColorTemperature line included (in case Group without AND clause) the device disappeared. Since it works for you I concluded there must be something with the value in the colorTemperature and indeed the value was 4000 K. So I was missing the useKelvin metadata.
The final config is:

Group     gYeelight1                    "Yeelight Bulb (Test)"    <light>    (gRoom_Living)    ["Equipment", "Lighting"]    {ga="Light" [useKelvin=true, colorTemperatureRange="1700,6500", roomHint="Wohnzimmer"]}
Switch    Yeelight1_Switch              "Power"                              (gYeelight1)      ["Point"]                    {channel="miio:basic:036232B9:power", ga="lightPower"}
Dimmer    Yeelight1_Dimmer              "Brightness"                         (gYeelight1)      ["Point"]                    {channel="miio:basic:036232B9:brightness", ga="lightBrightness"}
Number    Yeelight1_ColorTemperature    "Color Temperature"                  (gYeelight1)      ["Point"]                    {channel="miio:basic:036232B9:colorTemperature", ga="lightColorTemperature"}

Thanks for the hint with the room.

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Hi, im trying to group three bulbs together to control as one,
the three bulpbs work perfectly fine seperately, with temp control etc.
but if i create a group with the correct ga=light etc, and then add multiple lights with ga=lightPower etc to this group, only one of the three lights is recognised.
do you have any idea how to implement multiple lights to one group that will work with google assistant?