Problem Openhab, Alexa, Nodered

Hi there,

I’ve got a problem since couple of week using Openhab, Node-Red and Amazon Alexa.

I enabled the Openhab Skill months and months ago on my Alexa’s account and everything worked for the past months.
Since couple of weeks instead something happened.

When I say “Alexa…”, (and even if I ask to set up an alarm), some commands start and it reboot my Node-Red saying “Connection lost…” and send all the command to all my items I have in Node-Red to restart turning on some of my smart items in the house connected.
Openhab instead doesn’t reboot and it stay connected.

Does someone know how to fix this problem?


I recommend stopping OH, cleaning the cache and rebooting as it’s the first step to fixing odd OH issues.

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab2 or sudo reboot