Problem Running


I’m having problems running the file for the Item Generator. My Mios is set up at the IP address of When I run the I get:

iMac:desktop me$ ./
Loading MiOS Unit Metadata from…
curl: no URL specified!
curl: try ‘curl --help’ or ‘curl --manual’ for more information
./ line 29: --output: command not found
./ line 31: --silent: command not found
Failed to load, Check IP Address supplied.

I can ping the Mios unit just fine so I’m not sure what else to do from here.

Also - i am running a Vera 2 with UI 5


I think I had to use sh or bash to make it work.

I think the problem is not that its not running but that it isn’t doing anything when it runs…

Looks like your copy of the script was somehow copied incorrectly.

I could reproduce the behavior described by removing the EOL backslash ( \ ) characters from the lines containing the curl command.

You’ll see them on lines 13 & 14 from the source material but I’m guessing they’re missing from your copy of the script:

Thanks for the tip, guessed.

I re-copied the script and while it seemed to be doing something, i believe it timed out. I have an old Vera 2 which seems to be on its last legs. I have a few PLEGs running and it just grinds along now and needs rebooting every few days. It would not surprise me if an script like this crashes it.

thanks for the help though. From the looks of it, this OpenHab is the way to go although from from exploring around, it looks a bit over my head.

It should give you an error when it exits (and it should exit if the target takes > 15s to respond).

I’m using the same MiOS Protocol used by their control-points (remote controls) so if you have those running (iPhone/Android/UI) then it might pay to close them while the script is running to ensure there are enough resources.