Problem to access dashboard from myopenhab

I have now an openHAB 2 connected to myopenHAB.

But when i click the dashboard link it ask for authorization and it is not working with my myopenHAB username and password.

What credentials should I use?


I´m in the same situation, maybe one step further: I re-entered the myopenHAB credentials but after a certain time it returns a “504 Gateway Time-out” error.
Other credentials do not work. Access is denied and the I get asked again for credentials.

Did you click on the authorization link that was emailed to you after signing up for the account?

That tripped me up at first.

It should use your username and password.

I can do everything else on myopenHAB except the dashboard link.
It was many weeks ago i registered on the new site and i don’t remember if i received an authorization mail.


Right. You might search through your old emails to see if you got a “confirm this email” link and click on it. Or figure out how to get another one sent.

That is what I saw too. You can do pretty much everything except actually access your dashboard (or REST API calls) until you confirm your email.

Can not find any email from when i registered on the new site.

Should i delete my account and create a new one?


If there isn’t anywhere to have them send another email that is what I would do.

Account deleted
New account created
Email verified
Still same problem

Sounds like the “old” java version problem. Which java version do you have? It should be something like: (build 1.8.0_1××)

I have now done more testing.
The problem is just in Chrome not in Edge.


Try deleting your cache and see if that makes a difference. I pretty much exclusively use chrome so that shouldn’t be a problem…

In this case forget the question about the java version.

I also did some more testing - without any success.

  • Firefox (after cache deleting): asks for credentials, then 504 gateway timeout error
  • Chrome (fresh installed): asks for credentials, then 504 gateway timeout error
  • Edge (1st time use): does not ask for credentials, then 504 gateway timeout error

After java 1.8.0_111 I updated to 1.8.0_121. This didn´t improve anything.

I have the same issue any fix for that??

Same issue here since a few days. Any place other than here to address that?

For me the issue appeared on iOS only. Deleted openHAB app, re-installed, it works now.