Problem using Openhab UI or habpanel in older devices

I am having an issue that has me scratching my head. i am wondering if i can get some help troubleshooting it.

I have a couple of very old devices (ipad on version 9.3.5 and android tablet running kitkat) That i want to use a remote controls for my openhab installation.

The last compatible version of the openhab app for these devices does not work (you get a 401 error when trying to access the server)

So thought about running the web ui as a remote control.
On the android device, i found that i can run the gui on chrome (last compatible version is 81), but I cannot run it on fully kiosk browser (which was my initial intention, as it allows full screen) or puffin browser. Fully just shows a white screen, while puffin states that the connection is refused.

On the ipad, it is worst. The last chrome version compatible with the ipad is version 61, and puffin also does not work.

So i thought about using HABpanel. HABpanel works on both devices, however, it requires that we log in in the main interface…which i cannot do, because the main interface does not load due to the reasons above.

I was wondering:
Are there any logs that i can look at to troubleshoot this? openhab.log and events.log do not show any ui related issues that i was able to see.
Any other ways i can use HABpanel without loging in?


There is also BasicUI, viewed in a browser.

Correct, but can i log in through the basic ui? Or do i need to create a whole other control dashboard for this?