Problem using say with google home mini

I want to hear in my openhab mini the say command, but nothing happens.
I am running openhab in docker (openhab/openhab:2.5.10-debian)
this is my conf


voice = marytts


thing file

Thing chromecast:audio:living [ ipAddress="X.X.X.X"]

rule file

rule "My rule"
	Item SwitchBedroomTv changed

    	logInfo("logtest", "doorbell")
        logInfo("logtest", "activated")

I dont see any errors at log but i dont hear anything at the google home mini.
any ideas?
and, where do i set the default sink in service.cfg?

You can select the default audiosink from a list on PaperUI. If you want to save the setting later in a file use runtime.cfg

Btw, what is a openHAB mini?

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Sorry, i meant google home mini

Is the Google Home Mini an AudioSink? If not, the sound will not be played via it.

I used chromecast Audio