Problem with Bluetooth Device and Connected Bluetooth device

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Hi, on raspberry-pi I installed openhab 2.5.5 and to detect the presence of man in the house I am trying to use the Bluetooth binding to detect my iPhone but I have some problems.
On the raspberry I installed bluez V5.43.
The “Blutooth BlueZ Adapter” binding works and is online.
To detect the iPhone I tried to use the “Bluetooth Device” but I have the following problem:
After the first start of openhab, if the device is present, it switches from “UNKNOW” to “Online” but when the device is far or off, it does NOT switch from “Online” to “Offline”.
So I tried to use “Connected Bluetooth Device” which works great but the problem is that to connect the iPhone to the raspberry I have to do it manually from the iPhone.
I tried to install bluez V5.50 and also in this case the “Blutooth BlueZ Adapter” binding works and is online but the “Bluetooth Device” has the same problem as version 5.43 and the “Connected Bluetooth Device” does not see the iPhone when is connected.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Thank you all.