Problem with configuration of influxdb.cfg

I am new in openhab, I have installed openhabian on raspberry pi4 and succefully installed the infuxdb and grafana add on by using: sudo openhabian-config, but I am not able to edit the influxdb.cfg file,
can someone please help me ??

Not without more details. How are you trying to edit this file? What happens when you try to edit this file (e.g. error messages)?

Are you using sudo to edit the file?

i have tried to modified with visual code and from putty ssh with sudo \etc\openhab\services\influxdb.cfg
On visual code i get a message like "access denied, you don’t have permission… "

That file is is owned by the openhab user. If you are not accessing the file as that user or as root you can’t edit the file. It would be a good idea to review a tutorial on how file permissions work on Linux.

sudo isn’t an editor. That’s a command to ask the system to let you run what ever follows it as root. sudo /etc/openhab/services/influxdb.cfg is meaningless. You need to give it a command, in this case, an editor. Something like sudo nano /etc/openhab/services/influxdb. Notice on Linux (and everywhere except Windows really) it’s / not \ in file paths.

While openHABian does a lot to make running OH on Linux easier, you still need to know some Linux basics to be successful.

Finally, you shouldn’t have to edit this file in the first place. You should be able to configure OH’s connection to InfluxDB through MainUI → Settings.

Sorry I didn’t explained you correctly! I was using sudo nano to edit that file.
As you said I have tried to edit the file from the web ui of openhab and for example i have wrote the ip address of my openhabian ( but in the influxdb.cfg show me localhost:8086, is that correct?? Or has to be same as on the web ui?

Sorry for this type of questions.

You will never see any changes to any files located in /etc/openhab when you make changes through the UI.

However, if you’ve ever made changes to files in that folder, those will overwrite anything you do through the UI.

So if that file was edited by you at any point, stop openHAB, revert the changes, start OH and make the changes through then UI.

Ok for that! Thank you very much for your explanation.
Another problem that I have is in grafana is this:

can you help me out with this?
i have installed the influxdb and grafana using sudo openhabian-config, created 3 users and password when it promped but this error occur

I replied to your post in the other thread.