Problem with dimming and color temperature in BasicUI


I have a problem with controlling the color temperature and the brightness of a hue led strip when controlling them within the BasicUI.

The led strip is directly connected with a usb zigbee stick (no Hue Bridge).

It has the following channels:

  • color
  • color temp

My item configuration:

Switch l_led_strip "Hue LED Strip"              <light> (gLicht) {channel="zigbee:device:013C1792:0017880103e2bd0e:0017880103E2BD0E_11_color_color"}
Dimmer ct_led_strip "Hue LED Strip Color Temp"   <light> (gLicht) {channel="zigbee:device:013C1792:0017880103e2bd0e:0017880103E2BD0E_11_color_temperature"}
Dimmer d_led_strip "Hue LED Strip Dimmer"   <light> (gLicht) {channel="zigbee:device:013C1792:0017880103e2bd0e:0017880103E2BD0E_11_color_color"}
Color  c_led_strip "Hue LED Strip Color"        <light> (gLicht) {channel="zigbee:device:013C1792:0017880103e2bd0e:0017880103E2BD0E_11_color_color"}

The Problem:

  • It’s not possible to dim the light while keeping the color temperature. If I dim the light the color temp changes immidiately.
  • It seems like the dimmer for the color channel is a mix between color temp and brightness.
  • If I controll the brighntess with the Color Item then the light takes over the setted color in the color circle.

So there is no way to controll the brightness while keeping the color temp.

But the thing is that it works absolutely fine when controlling it through the PaperUI. I think because in the PaperUI there is a brightness slider.


I thank you very much for your help!

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Ok I just changed the dimmer icons from to and it seems to work fine now. Does the icon have such a big influence?

Can you post right item and sitemap code?

No. I changed a lot since then. But I can help you if you have a problem. Just post your code and explain your problem:)

I’m a beginner with Openhab. I have Philips Hue bulbs and want to control Brightness and Color Temperature. I’ve added bulb via Zigbee USB adapter and can see 2 channels: dimmer and color temperature.

Item code

Switch Kitchen_Light “Kitchen Light Switch” {channel="zigbee:device:3e6145a8:0017880103f2fef2:0017880103F2FEF2_11_dimm$
Dimmer Kitchen_Light_Dimmer “Kitchen Light Dimmer” {channel="zigbee:device:3e6145a8:0017880103f2fef2:0017880103F2FEF2$
Color Kitchen_Light_Color “Kitchen Light Color” {channel="zigbee:device:3e6145a8:0017880103f2fef2:0017880103F2FEF2_11_$

I’ve created item and configure channels for On/Off and Dimmer operations, but got a problem with Color Temperature.

Sitemap code

sitemap home label=“Main Menu” {

        Frame label="Date"
        Text item=Date

        Frame label="Kitchen"
        Slider item=Kitchen_Light_Dimmer icon="dimmer"
        Switch item=Kitchen_Light icon="light"
        Slider item=Kitchen_Light_Color icon="color"

Also when I control bulb via the wall switch, for example, switch on the light and then open the Openhab app were the light is off - bulb shut the light.

These look wrong, lacking closing curly brackets etc… Is this a copy-paste error?

You have to declare the “Color Temperature” Channel as “Dimmer” in the .items file, not as “Color”. The “Color” item is only for bulbs wich can change colors, for examamle to red or blue. My Bulb looks like this:

Switch   l_Deckenlampe      "Hue Deckenlampe"                    (gl_clemens)   {channel="hue:0220:0017881219c1:2:brightness"}
Dimmer   d_Deckenlampe      "Hue Deckenlampe Dimmer [%d]"            (gd_clemens)  {channel="hue:0220:0017881219c1:2:brightness"}
Dimmer   ct_Deckenlampe     "Hue Deckenlampe Color Temp [%d]"        (gct_clemens) {channel="hue:0220:0017881219c1:2:color_temperature"}

Here you can see:
Switch -> brightness channel
Dimmer -> brightness channel
Dimmer -> color temperature channel

The according sitemap code would look like this:

Switch item=l_Deckenlampe    label="Schalter" 
Slider item=d_Deckenlampe    label="Dimmer" 
Slider item=ct_Deckenlampe   label="Farbtemperatur"

Best regards

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