Problem with docker installation addons

My environment is docker with the version openhab/openhab:3.0.2-alpine or openhab/openhab:3.0.2-debian
I have my addons.cfg with this line
binding = kodi,astro,mqtt,openuv,chromecast,shelly

but when the process starts i see the next error
18:40:39.602 [ERROR] [.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-binding-exec, openhab-binding-coronastats, openhab-misc-openhabcloud, openhab-binding-network, openhab-persistence-influxdb, openhab-binding-openuv, openhab-binding-shelly, openhab-binding-chromecast, openhab-binding-mqtt, openhab-binding-hpprinter, openhab-binding-ntp, openhab-binding-kodi, openhab-binding-astro': Permission denied

The behaviour is very strange because yesterday was working fine.

Are the permissions on your mounted volumes correct?

I see you are using shelly in combination with a docker. Where is your docker running? I have it on a Synology NAS but can’t get shelly to work. If your docker is running on Synology can you share your config.