Problem with Google home Integration

HI I am using a OH 2.5.1. version integrated with Google Home.
I have one nodemcu with tasmota that controls 3 switch and 1 Temperature sensor (MQTT Protocol used)
I created the items using the paperUI and I added METADATA via consolle to expose to Google Home. For the switches it works fine :slight_smile:
(command used “smarthome:metadata add ga Switch”)

I tried to insert the same metadata for the item Temperature to expose to Google Home but after sync it does note work (command used “smarthome:metadata add ga thermostatTemperatureAmbient”)

Can you help me to understand because I am not able to see the items in Google Home ?
If I don’t want to use the Items File but I want to use the PaperUI, the only way that I have to add Metadata to expose Item is teh consolle the only way ?
Thanks for the help

Hi Riccardo,

You need to create a group item for a thermostat, and have your temperature sensor included in that group. This is stated in the Thermostats section of the Google Assistant documentation.

You can also set up a Thermostat for using it as a temperature sensor. To do so, create a Thermostat group and only add one item member as “thermostatTemperatureAmbient”.

I can’t speak to the console, because I prefer to use item files.

My idea was not use file items…but it seems it’s no possible.
Thanks for your answer.

Can I ask why you want to avoid item files? All you would need is a single file with two items to accomplish your goal. I’m just curious.

No probs.
I don’t like to write code…if there is the possibility to configure using UI I prefer.
IN this case i used the items fie, as you suggested in this way:

Group Gruppo_Termostato “Termostato AM2301” { ga=“Thermostat” }

Number GenericMQTTThing_AM2301 “TEMPERATURA” (Gruppo_Termostato) { ga=“thermostatTemperatureAmbient” }

Thaks for your heelp