Problem with Homematic module HM-MOD-EM-8 after migration to OH2


I recently migrated my installation from OH1 to OH2. Most of the problems I could solve by myself but with this I really got stuck:

I have an HM-MOD-EM-8 transmitter module, which has 8 inputs that can be connected e.g. with push-buttons.
The module can be configured in three different modes:

  1. for push-buttons
  2. for switches
  3. for window contacts

I configured it for window contacts. In this mode it is not permanently sending PRESS_LONG messages but the STATE datapoint is set to TRUE once pressed and reset to false as soon the contact is opened again. This behaviour is essential for window contacts since in default mode 1 the repeating PRESS_LONG messages would very soon reach the transmission limits if the contact is closed for several minutes.

The module works well with OH1 but with OH2 the STATE datapoint seems to be unknown. It is not shown in the PaperUI and the item is not updated.

This is my configuration:

Bridge homematic:bridge:homegear [ gatewayAddress="" ] 
	Thing HG-HM-MOD-EM-8		MEQ078XXXX	"8-fach Sendemodul"	@ "Flur"

Switch Motion_GF_Corridor "Melder Flur" (Group_GF_Corridor) { channel="homematic:HG-HM-MOD-EM-8:homegear:MEQ078XXXX:1#STATE" }

According to the log, the message is correctly received:
2017-02-04 20:46:30.722 [DEBUG] [ ] - Received new (Boolean) value ‘false’ for ‘MEQ078XXXX:1#STATE’ from gateway with id ‘homegear’

Any clue how to solve this problem?

Hi Christof,

thank you for your suggestion!
I tried it with Contact as well but the result is the same. In my opinion the message is filtered if the datapoint is not known.
Independent of the Item definition, STATE should be shown in the list of datapoints for each “Key” channel (1-8) but only PRESSED_SHORT and PRESSED_LONG is listed there (PaperUI->Configuration->Things).
I guess this is something for the bug tracker.