Problem with Mochad X10 Binding

Hello, I’m using the mochad x10 binding and I don’t know why it doesn’t work. I have changed the configuration adding the next information in my configuration.cfg file:


I have a doubt, I’m working with the CM15 pro and with an appliance module (UM720E) who ring when I turn on. Could I use the switch sintax to conect my appliance module?

I have this in my item file:
Switch Alarma_casa “Alarma” (GF_Dani) {mochadx10=“a1”}

I have added the addon org.openhab.binding.mochadx10-1.8.3.jar in the addon folder

Can anyone help me?

Does anybody know any linux program to verify that the CM15 is working well?

Use the netcat command to connect to the mochad server (note that the mochad server is separate from the binding, which you should have been installed first before installing the binding). Once connected to the mochad server, you should see in netcat all the X10 instructions that your CM15 is seeing. That will tell you if your CM15 is working with mochad.