Problem with Netatmo binding

Starting one week ago the binding stopped working correctly when updating datas for thermostat.
Every time it tries ti check for new values I have the following error:
Scheduled runnable ended with an exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: null
I use the same binding for my welcome camera and it’s working correctly.
The error is the same with the 2.4 version and with the 2.5 snapshot version.

For me the thermostat stopped working also four days ago (with error 503, Service unavailable / openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1578).

So you have been able to add thermostats? Could this problem here then prevent me from discover my thermostats?

I have created this issue and I really cannot get anything to work:

The thermostat was already added before the update-problem appeared. In PaperUI thermostat and relais are marked as ONLINE and they come back ONLINE when I disable and enable them in PaperUI. But they still get no updates. So I don’t think, your problem is related to my problem, but I also can’t exclude that.

Thanks Christoph

Just out of curiosity (and a little dispiration) - how did you get the Netatmo thermostat visible (online)? Did you add the thermostats one by one like I try with no success below or did you just auto discover your thermostats when connected to the Netatmo API binding (that was what HassIO did when I used that)?

I have added the Thermostat relay/plug - as a thing but it cannot get access (after shortly showing Online)


I used the auto discovery in PaperUI. They just appeared in the Inbox

Hi, I wanted to ask a question.
Does Netatmo binding make the devices work locally or is the netatmo cloud always needed?
So if the internet does not function openhba does it detect Netatmo data even without a cloud?