Problem with OH3.2 and onvif in Docker

Hallo Community,

while reading the thread

find connections with my problem. I’m running OH 3.2 in Docker on a Synology. I’ve been trying to integrate my camera via onvif for some time. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do this to date. My guess is that Openhab uses the new URL, but the path under Docker is actually :zzzz/docker/openhab/userdata/ipcamera/20af3dea9a/ipcamera.jpg. The camera, a Reolink RLC-511WA, runs without any problems on my Synology via the Surveillance Station.

Is there perhaps someone here who has made a connection under the same OpenHAB conditions?

Is there really no OH3 user here who has docked a Reolink camera via onvif on a Synology? In the meantime I have made many, many unsuccessful attempts under Openhab 3.2 and I think that this binding in “Docker” does not work.
I came to this conviction because the camera can be integrated via the Synology Surveillance Station. So it must be related to the openhab binding. However, I would like to avoid working with this program.
Maybe there is another user who can help me with my problem.

I did it - it was a matter of configuration figured out with the help of this site: