Problem with Openhab/RPi....need guidance

My stable install has been working great since I followed guidance and rebuilt the whole thing. Works great, none of the previous issues. Very happy…UNTIL for some reason the RPi becomes non-responsive and the only way for me to regain control is to physically turn it off. Even when it is behaving, a sudo reboot does not behave normally. I had made no changes prior to this behavior, although I do regularly use openhabian-config to apply improvements.

I have no idea where to start. The openhab logs are not giving me any sort of clue. I have the RPi plugged into a UPS so it shouldn’t be a power issue. My WIFI is up when this happens. I have learned NOT to manually mess with the OS so I’m looking for assistance in remedying the problem…which will be a big one if I decide to travel.

Thanks in advance

How old is the SD-Card in the Pi? How full is it?

  • do you use ZRAM ?
  • in case the system is nearly not responsive what does the top command show ?
  • what about free disk space ? ( df -h )
  • what do the system logs ( not openhab.log, not events.log ) /var/log/syslog show ?

The SD card is less than a year old. Less than 10% used. Now, it won’t boot at all. I don’t know how to proceed! HELP HELP HELP!!!