Problem with rules

It receives this message: 20: 21: 32.794 [WARN] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model ‘dom.rules’ is either empty or can not be parsed correctly!
I do not understand him, ask for help

My ruls:

//ta ruls będzie odczytywać zmienne co 1 min
rule “odczyt_danych”
Time cron “0 * * * * ?”
//var Number LEDn
var String json = sendHttpGetRequest(“”)
postUpdate(TempSalon, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempSalon”, json))
postUpdate(TempKuchnia, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.tempKuchnia",json))
postUpdate(TempLazDol, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempLazDol”, json))
postUpdate(Tempsyp, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempsyp”, json))
postUpdate(TempKuba, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempKuba”, json))
postUpdate(TempStas, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempStas”, json))
postUpdate(TempMarta, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempMarta”, json))
postUpdate(TempLazienka, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempLazienka”, json))
postUpdate(wilgotnosc, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.wilgotnosc”, json))
postUpdate(piec, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.piec”, json))
postUpdate(piec2, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.piec”, json))
postUpdate(boiler, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.bojler”, json))
postUpdate(swiatlo, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.swiatlo”, json))
postUpdate(TempZadana, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.Temp_zadana”, json))
postUpdate(TempZew, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.tempzew”, json))
postUpdate(tempStrych, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.strych”, json))
postUpdate(wentylatorn, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.Wentylator”, json))
if (wentylatorn.state == 0){
postUpdate(wentylator, OPEN)
if (wentylatorn.state == 1){
postUpdate(wentylator, CLOSED)
postUpdate(LEDn, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.LED”, json))
if (LEDn.state == 0){
postUpdate(LED, OPEN)
if (LEDn.state == 1){
postUpdate(LED, CLOSED)
postUpdate(boilerP, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.pompaB”, json))
if (boilerP.state == 0){
postUpdate(pompaB, OPEN)
if (boilerP.state == 1){
postUpdate(pompaB, CLOSED)
postUpdate(COpompa, transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.pompaCO”, json))
if (COpompa.state == 0){
postUpdate(pompaCO, OPEN)
if (COpompa.state == 1){
postUpdate(pompaCO, CLOSED)
var test = transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.WentStrych",json)

postUpdate(wentylStrychN, transform("JSONPATH", "$.WentStrych", json))
if (wentylStrychN.state == 0){
	//postUpdate(wentylStrych, OPEN)
	sendCommand(wentylStrych, OPEN)
if (wentylStrychN.state == 1){
	//postUpdate(wentylStrych, CLOSED)
	sendCommand(wentylStrych, CLOSED)
postUpdate(Swiatecznen, transform("JSONPATH", "$.Swiateczne", json))
if (Swiatecznen.state == 0){
	sendCommand(Swiateczne, OPEN)
if (Swiatecznen.state == 1){
	sendCommand(Swiateczne, CLOSED)
//postUpdate(minuty, transform("JSONPATH", "$.sunset", json))
//var int minutes = (minuty.state as DecimalType).intValue()
//logInfo("Test TV0", "Zarejestrowania ERRor")
//var DateTime startTime.postUpdate = now.getYear() + "-" + now.getMonthOfYear() + "-" + now.getDayOfMonth() + "T00:00:00")
//var DateTime startTime = parse(now.getYear() + "-" + now.getMonthOfYear() + "-" + now.getDayOfMonth() + "T00:00")
//logError("Test TV0", "sunset: " + startTime)
//startTime = startTime.plusMinutes(minutes)
//logError("Test TV0", "sunset: " + startTime)
//sunset.sendCommand(String::format("%02d:%02d", startTime.getHourOfDay(), startTime.getMinuteOfHour()))


//reguła drzwi garazowych
rule “GarrageDoor”
Item GarazDoor received command ON
logInfo(“Garaz”, “Komenda uruchom - wysłana”)

//reguła podlewania ogrodu
rule “OgrodPodlewanieON”
Item Woda received command ON
logInfo(“Woda”, “Komenda uruchom - wysłana”)

//reguła podlewania ogrodu
rule “OgrodPodlewanieOFF”
Item Woda received command OFF
logInfo(“Woda”, “Komenda Wyłącz - wysłana”)

//reguła odczyt parametrów
rule “Startup_”
//System started or
Item Param_pob received command ON or
Time cron “0 0 1 * * ?” //aktualizacja parametrów zawsze o 1:00:00
var String json = sendHttpGetRequest(“”)
postUpdate(korekta, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.korekta",json))
postUpdate(oswietleniezal, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.oswietleniezal",json))
postUpdate(TempMinCO, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.tempzalCO",json))
postUpdate(TempKomfort, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.komfort",json))
postUpdate(TempEco, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.eco",json))
postUpdate(TempZalWent, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.tempZalWent",json))
postUpdate(tempWentStrych, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.tempWentStrych",json))
postUpdate(wentylzal, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.wentylzal",json))
postUpdate(wentylwyl, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.wentylwyl",json))
postUpdate(setBojler, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.bojler",json))
postUpdate(ONrano, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.ONranoKomfort",json))
postUpdate(OFFrano, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.OFFranoKomfort",json))
postUpdate(ONwieczor, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.ONwieczorKomfort",json))
postUpdate(OFFwieczor, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.OFFwieczorKomfort",json))
postUpdate(ONWeekend, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.ONweekendKomfort",json))
postUpdate(OFFWeekend, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.OFFweekendKomfort",json))
postUpdate(ONTV1, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.TzalTV0",json))
postUpdate(OFFTV1, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.TwylTV0",json))
postUpdate(ONTV2, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.TzalTV1",json))
postUpdate(OFFTV2, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.TwylTV1",json))
postUpdate(ONFish, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.Tzalr",json))
postUpdate(OFFFish, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.Twylr",json))
postUpdate(ONLED, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.ONLED",json))
postUpdate(OFFLED, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.OFFLED",json))
postUpdate(ONsw, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.ONsw",json))
postUpdate(OFFsw, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.OFFsw",json))
postUpdate(tempMinPieca, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.tempMinPieca",json))
postUpdate(zalswiateczne, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$.zalswiateczne",json))
postUpdate(Param_pob, OFF)

From what you are posting I have the impression that rules are working.
Then, I guessing you are accessing your files remotely through Samba. If so, please rest assured that this is an issue caused by Java that is benign and does not cause any trouble. If you search the forum you can find more technical explanations, but in a nutshell, the rules file is read immediately when it is touched by the file system, and at that point, the write process (when you save a file) is not yet finished, which then causes the warning. However, when the write process has ended your file is read again, this time successfully (except for user errors of course :slight_smile: ) and you can see the corresponding log messages immediately following the warning. Apparently a feature connected to Java and hence it will likely stay like this forever. SImply put: just ignore it. Hope that helps.

Ok, Thank you for your help