Problem with run bash script in to openhab

Hi all
I’m creating a new microsd with a clean openhab2 release.
I have a big problem during the reinstallation.
I have problem to run bash script. On the old microsd this function work fine.
I have modified sudoers file and I have changed the owner to run script for openhabian user.

What do I have forgotten?

Thanks a lot

Someone could help me?
Any suggest?
I’m going crazy

Thanks a lot

a little bit about my bash script

[10:00:51] root@raspy:/var/www/script/SH# ls -l
-rwxrwxrwx 1 openhabian openhabian 106 lug 15 11:33

[10:01:05] root@raspy:/var/www/script/SH# getfacl


owner: openhabian

group: openhabian


help me pls

Hi diego,

Can’t you run the bash script or is it Openhab (from a rule/exec-binding)?
If it’s openhab, can you provide logs and the rule?

thanks for your reply.
I have tried to backup and restore openhab configuration from old microsd (I have used the command “sudo openhab-cli backup” and “sudo openhab-cli restore”) and the run script works fine.
So, I’m certly that the problem concern openhab configuration

I don’t have a rules file, because I call run scripts directly via regexe

String DHT11_releMin “[%s]” {channel=“exec:command:rifDHT11_releMin:output”}

exec:command:rifDHT11_releMin [command=“sudo /var/www/script/QUERY/ Rele DHT11 ASC”, transform=“REGEX((.*?))”]

If you want to run that script from openHAB, it needs to be executable from the user that runs openHAB. That is most probably “openhab” and not " openhabian".

Hi have changed file owner, but the problem is the same.
With the backup and restore openhab configuration, the problem is resolved…but I don’t know what is the problem…