Problem with selection in classic ui


I am using openhab 1.7.1 and I´ve created a heating profile for my home. At the moment I allow three different settings for a group of valve drives. (These are homematic devices). To realize this I´ve created a sitemap like this:

	Frame label="Heating" {
		Text item=Temperature_Zone_1 label="Avg Zone 1 [%.1f °]" icon="temperature"
		Selection item=Heating_Zone_1 label="Zone 1 [%.1f °]"  mappings=["4.5"="Off", "17"="17°", 21="21°"] icon="heating"
	Frame label="Zone 1" {
		Selection item=LR_VD_SET label="Wohnzimmer [%.1f °]"  		mappings=["4.5"="Off", 17="17°", 21="21°"]
		Selection item=CR_VD_SET label="Kinderzimmer [%.1f °]"  	mappings=["4.5"="Off", 17="17°", 21="21°"]
		Selection item=FLOOR_VD_SET label="Diele [%.1f °]"  		mappings=["4.5"="Off", 17="17°", 21="21°"]

When I use the Heating_Zone_1 selection it actually updates all of my devices to the selected temperature. The selection in Zone 1 get´s updated and displays the correct entry as selected. After a few seconds the site refreshes and remove the selected entry. So the selection is empty and I can´t see the selected temperature anymore.

I really hope someone has a solution for this or maybe experienced the same behavior.


I was facing the same issue but managed to solve it.

The Mapping needs to be for “4.50” and “21.00” respectively.