Problem with signal strength with battery devices

I am still struggling with my battery powered door sensors for the garage. I guess it is a range / signal strength issue … but I am surprised at how it occurs.
when I test the door sensor in the house, it works fine.
Now … in the garage … (attached to the house):
First, I like to mention that I have a wired zwave switch in my garage that works fine.
When I test the door sensor close to that switch, it works fine. If I move away (say 3 meters) it starts to get problems (i.e. transmissions do not get completed, thus the sensor does not report status changes).
Now my question: How can it work within 2 meters of the wired switch, but beyond, it starts to get problems? Can it actually be, that the signal strength at the wired switch is on the borderline and can not be repeated any further then 1 to 2 meters??

thanks for your help.

Zwave devices are not meant to be moved. After inclusion, if you move a device, perform a heal so that the controller can relearn the routes to the device. Since it is a battery powered device, you will need to manaully wake it up a few times to complete the heal. It may take more than one heal too, in order to get everything cleaned up.

Try that and see if it helps.

I iniated a HEAL on the device and it is now in status “Reassign SUC route”. Do I have to let it do its work now?

2019-05-27 13:06:04.254 [DEBUG] [age.AssignSucReturnRouteMessageClass] - NODE 91: Got AssignSucReturnRoute response.

2019-05-27 13:06:04.256 [DEBUG] [age.AssignSucReturnRouteMessageClass] - NODE 91: AssignSucReturnRoute operation started.

2019-05-27 13:06:04.259 [DEBUG] [nal.protocol.ZWaveTransactionManager] - NODE 91: TID 5761: Transaction not completed

Unless you have disabled it, there is a nightly heal for all devices. But if the wakeup interval of a battery powered device is 0 or >24h, it may never complete. Wake the device up manually (there should be instructions in the device details) several times in order to help it complete all stages of the heal.

The heal completed, but in Habmin, it still does not show the switch in the garage as a neighbour, but only the switch in my office, where I included the sensor into my zwave network in the first place.