Problem with Sonos notification sound

Here is an updated, also to keep this issue alive.
Lately it seems that even my workaround mentioned few post above is not working well again.
I have some kind of trouble in storing the “Temp_Sonos_State” variable before Sonos goes in Pause. Hence many times I store a Pause condition, when it was playing, or even a Playback condition, when it was stopped (bacuse the notification itself triggers a Play condition).
I believe that this has something to do with the fact that variables and Openhab events are not forced to happen in the chronological order as the code says. I do not know if that is possible.

I am trying to introduce some Timers so separate the instructions, but that introduces of course nasty delays between music stopping, notification and music restart. The worst is if I have two or three notifcations in a row (e.g. playsound of weather condition and then temperature. I use locally stored mp3 file with my preferred voice).

I am runing Openhab 2.3 on an old Win7 pc, which is suffering the hot summer, this may influence Openhab performance (?)
It seems that restarting Openhab is many times helping, though I’d rather not do it, since - don’t know why - this my current 2.3.0 setup needs several restarts to be fully opertional (and many times I have to delete cache and tmp… and many time I find them written protected… so I have to restart the pc :frowning: )

Any thoughts? Is it just me?

I played around with saving and resuming, dropped that because I couldn’t get it to work as good as the say command does. You just have to take the fixed 20 second length. And yes, I’m only using the say command in one situation, several commands in a row are not happening.
Concerning the full restart of OH, why don’t you just stop and restart the Sonos binding?

Thanks for your sharing.
Unfortunately the Italian voice of VoiceRSS is not as fascinating yet as a Jarvis similar one that I can reproduce by saving mp3 from a TTS website I use (
My notifications are never longer than 3-5 seconds. I tried to play around with the Sonos notification time in the Things, but with no result.

Restarting just Sonos binding seems to be not effecting on this issue.

From a user prospective, I have a feeling that there are several aspects that cause these problems, which have a hard time to coordinate: Sonos firmware, Openhab rule management (e.g. synchro), Sonos Binding (e.g. volumes) and nevertheless my hardware and coding.
Maybe developers can express or concretize my doubts/issues better than me.

Here is a new issue I am facing since yesterday with Amazon Alexa Sonos Skill coming in: if I ask Alexa to play some artist songs on Sonos, it works great, but when a notification (Openhab Playsound) comes in, the current track/playlist is forgotten by the system and the previous playlist starts on right after the notification (i.e. with the song playing before my command to Alexa).
Does Openhab/binding store the playing track address somewhere to resume it after notifications and is not saving it in case of Alexa? Or is it referring to the Sonos App?
Issue is not happening when choosing songs from the Sonos App.
Ideas how to workaround this? It’s kind of annoying having relax music given from Alexa and suddenly hearing heavy metal after a notification just because I was listening to that yesterday…:scream:

Hello, I have the same problem with notification sounds in connection with Alexa. I was hoping for a solution with openhab version 2.5, but the problem persists. Is there a solution?