Problem with the EspMiLight Binding

I am running the latest openhab2 from the stable tree.

I have moved my installation from a Pi3 to a Intel NUC running Ubuntu 20.04 by creating a backup on the Pi and restoring it on a clean install of Openhab2 on the Nuc.

Everything worked straight away with the exception of the Espmilight binding. It found my Espmilight hub and the bulb items from my items files are there but no bulb ‘things’ were created.

If I create a bulb thing manually when I link the item to the color channel the hub id is wrong.

It lists it as espmilighthub:rgbw:0x7A6B4:colour when it should be espmilighthub:rgbw:Auto001:0x7A6B4:colour

The espmilight bridge says its online and the bulb thing says its online but the bulb won’t turn on.

Any ideas?

I sorted it by restoring my backup after the espmilight binding and mqtt broker were configured.