Problem with the openhab-distro project

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the openhab-distro project. As usual, when I want to test my modification of the openhab-core project, I follow the following instructions explained in this post.

Normally it works fine, but I don’t know why for the past few days I have been getting an error that shows :

The command openhab:user (the command that I try to improve) doesn’t exist and the error appear where I have modified the code. It’s strange because I cloned a new openhab-distro project.

I already explained this problem in another post here. I thought the problem was in the code I modified/added, but in fact not because when I redo all the steps explained in that post I have the same problem, starting at the beginning it doesn’t work either (it doesn’t work even with the project without modification).

Maybe some parts of the project are not rebuilt by the maven because these parts are stored in back-up (in the cache for example or in another place), if this is the case does anyone know where I could clean this? So that when I build the project it starts from the beginning. I said that because I have follow the step again in an Kali virtual machine and it works fine. So the problem is on my host.

I really have no idea what the problem is. Does anyone know what it is?

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas Gennart.