Problem with "thingid" when creating new device in database

I have tried to create my first new device in the Z-wave database (Namron 1402756), but I get two errors:

  • thingid is > 15 characters - is this really necessary - it should just be the model number.
  • thingid contains invalid characters.

Initially the name was set to a longer and more descriptive text (which was later changed). Browsing the forum makes me suspect that this is somewhat related to the initial long name, that resulted in a long unique reference (namronleddimmerz-wave200w).

What is needed to solve these problems?

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zwave200w should be sufficient

You are probably right, but I don’t find a way to change the unique reference (if this is the root cause of the problem).

Copy the database entry URL here and I will take a look.
I believe I have encountered & fixed that before.


I thought you should be able to click the edit box on the first line, next to the manufacturer.
I do not see editing the thingid there but perhaps that is because I did not submit the entry.

Otherwise @sihui or @5iver should be able to help. They have higher database privileges.

I’ve updated this.



Hi all,

I’m having a similar error regarding thingid, and am not sure where to look or how to fix it. I’ve duplicated an existing entry to add the US variant, which has a slightly different Type:ID.

@chris, might I trouble you to have a look? Or is this something I can solve myself? Thank you!

If the only difference is the type:id, then there is no need to duplicate the database entry. Instead the extra type:id pair just needs to be added to the existing entry.

I’ll mark your new device as deleted - just update the existing device with the new type:id from your device.

I’ve updated the old device now with your type:id.

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Hey, that’s great! Thanks @chris, I didn’t realize that could be a comma-separated list.

Looking on, I see a few other Type:ID variants of Jasco’s ZW4008 as well. I’ll add those while I’m thinking about it.

Please wait until somebody else tries that particular device. There could be differences. Unless Chris says differently, that is.

From what I can see, the last build of the Z-wave binding was #36 - just prior to adding the new device in the database. As I assume this device will not be available until the next build, is it there any prediction as to which rebuilds happen? Or is there another way of getting the device enabled?

@chris usually updates about once a week, usually on weekends. He exports the database to GitHub We then need to wait for a binding snapshot build to use that new data. It is then ready for use. Many people use the install script to manually install the binding.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

The last update was earlier this morning - apologies if I missed something :frowning:

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For sure it should be in tomorrow’s snapshot then.

Looks like the device is included, just trying to install the binding manually first. Currently stuck with the Curl command checking for Z-wave (seems to return 200) and bailing out due to taking more than two minutes.
But I’ll keep on digging :slight_smile:

200 is HTML OK, not an error. That means success. There must be something else wrong.

You are right. It happens in the uninstall part - looks like it expects 404 when checking after uninstall, but gets 200 - so uninstall has failed.
But it was not my intention to bother you with this - just a little “rusty” in reading scripts … :slight_smile:
Worst case I’ll just wait for tomorrows snapshot.