Problem with UI openhab 3.1.1

I have installed openhab 3.1.0 on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev. 1.2.
I’m relative new to openhab, so I used the openhab docker container and the compose-file.yml file as described in the openhab documentation on docker hub.
And it worked great!!
Now on docker hub there is a new version available (3.1.1).
I tried to run version 3.1.1 but I can’t access the UI on port 8080.
The only message I can see in the logging files was:

OpenJDK Client VM warning: No monotonic clock was available - timed services may be adversely affected if the time-of-day clock changes. (I didn’t get this message on version 3.1.0)

What could be the problem?
I tried the Milestone and the Snapshot containers, but the same behavior.
Finaly I reinstalled the 3.1.0 container and the UI on port 8080 works fine.

You need to update a library on your Docker host, see:

Thank you very much, that solved my problem,

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