Problem with URLEncode

When I am trying this:

var String message = Door_Lock_Event_En.state.toString
sendHttpGetRequest("" + URLEncoder::encode(message, 'UTF-8') +"/Joanna/50")

I receive this:

The name 'encode(<XFeatureCallImplCustom>,<XStringLiteralImpl>)' cannot be resolved to an item or type.

What is the problem?


Do you have


near the top of your .rules file?

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I had missed that.


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I am still receiving this error message.

2016-12-29 22:38:25.112 [ERROR] [o.o.c.s.ScriptExecutionThread ] - Error during the execution of rule 'Lock Changed': The name '<XIfExpressionImpl> || <XBinaryOperationImplCustom>' cannot be resolved to an item or type.

What i want to do is to URLEncode what I have in item Door_Lock_Event_En,
one example is “The SmartLock Huvudentre has been unlocked from the inside.”

Before I send it with sendHttpGetRequest.


We would have to see the rule code that is the cause of this different log message.

With this I get it to work.

val urlmessage =  URLEncoder::encode(Door_Lock_Event_En.state.toString, 'UTF-8')
sendHttpGetRequest("" + urlmessage +"/Joanna/50")	



Although this thread is nearly 7 years old, it just helped me to correctly encode text for a call of Fully Kiosk Browser’s remote admin functions which are invoked via http :+1: So thanks for sharing your solution.