Problem with Z-Wave and devolo thermostatic rad valve

Hello I have just upgraded from Openhab 2 nightly build to the stable version 2.0.0-1.
as I am running the demo setup the Z wave binding was removed. I installed it again through the Paper UI, and discovered the Z wave things again, the items were still linked to the channels. But I cannot now control my Devolo radiator thermostatic valve or see the temp sensor readings. unfortunately I only have this Z-wave device and the Z wave usb stick so I can’t isolate the problem that well.
The log says this though, it may be connected to the problem as the thermostat is node 3.

2017-01-25 19:31:00.064 [WARN ] [veClimateControlScheduleCommandClass] - NODE 3:                                                                                         Unsupported Command 8 for command class CLIMATE_CONTROL_SCHEDULE (0x46).

Also how can I stop the z wave binding (and other bindings) being removed when I update/upgrade? Should I switch to a standard install? and how do I keep the sitemap and items files? Should I rename them?

It isn’t clear to me what you did.

How did you upgrade?

To prevent things from being removed you need to preserve your conf and userdata folders.

I do highly recommend using the standard apt-get install.

Thanks for your reply @rlkoshak, I changed the repository using this.

echo 'deb stable main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab2.list

then did this

sudo apt-get update

then I installed the only version available using this

sudo apt-get install openhab2=2.0.0-1

Any ideas on the Z-wave thermostat issue? I was thinking about trying to remove the thermostat altogether from openhab, then include it back in.

How old of a version were you updating from? There were some “breaking” changed made after beta4 that cause you to need to reinstall your bindings and redo any configurations you did in PaperUI. But from this point onward your configs will be preserved in an update.

It’s only a week old.