Problem with zigbee and sonoff

Hi I’m running Openhab 3.0.1 in a raspberry Pir 3B with the nortek usb dual zigbee zwave.
I recently bought the new sonoff zigbee door sensor, after some troubles everything start working correctly. Execept that aparently the sensor doesn’t connect with the bridge except the dorr is open or close. So after some time the thing gets the offline label. If ther door is use some time after this the device is still working and the thing recibe the update. But if not, the thig (or device) stop working. I can resolve this with the disable button in the thing page. So I understand that the device is still working and openhab decide to stop listening. Since i can’t chage the sonoff behavior, and they are cheap and easy to adquire in my country.
Is there a way to change openhab behavior?