Problems commanding color of EzMultiPli

I believe that this was resolved a few months ago and should be in the latest binding.

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Yes, Chris resolved this issue and I’m using EzMultiPli today. I have not advanced to the latest binding yet, but I assume it would work there too.

Aaron - could you please post an example of what you are doing? I can currently get the white light on but when I try color I am getting the color to flash on and then it goes off.

What version of the binding are you using? I would recommend to use the latest if you aren’t already (eg 2.4 M4).

Chris, I am using 2.3 so I will need to upgrade to 2.4 in order for it to work, I take it.

Yes - this was merged into the development branch which was not included in 2.3. You need a recent 2.4 such as the snapshot, or the M4 milestone build.

The color seems to be working now. But the ability to switch the temperature sensor between Fahrenheit and Celsius seems to be missing. I was available in version 2.3

This was removed in the latest version. We now use the UoM features in ESH to manage units, so you will need to set your locale and look up how to use UoM.

Thanks for the help Chris