Problems including fibaro motion sensor

Hello everybody,

I’m using a Aeon Z Wave usb stick to connect to different sensors like a multisensor from Everspring, Aeon and a smart plug from fibaro. Now I’m trying to pair the motion sensor from fibaro with the usb stick. I follow the procedure as described in the manual. Press the button on the usb stick. It will blink for 30 sec. After this click 3 three times the button on the motion sensor. The sensor will glow blue. After starting openhab&habmin I cannot see a further node in the network as it has happend with the other sensors before. Making a reset of the motion sensor and trying it again to include to network doesn’t works. Does anyone had similiar problems with this sensor?

Thanks in advance

Openhab version is 1.7.1

I’ve personally not had a problem with including this sensor. If the LED on the controller is glowing for a few seconds, then it seems like it should be including ok - what are you using to check if it’s being included or not? I guess you’re checking the debug logs and you don’t see any new nodes?

I check it via habmin under network devices as well as in the openhab debug logs. In the last one I’ve noticed a message which refers to a Node 255 which seems for me a little bit strange. This node is not mentioned in the habmin under the devices tab and I cannot see any data which will be send from this node.

You will see node 255 quite often - it’s the controller node.

OK, now it is clear for me what is node 255. But how to find the reason why the motion sensor can’t be included into my network?!?

I don’t know - as I said at the beginning, I’ve had no problems with the same motion sensor and the Aeon stick.

Have you tried including directly using HABmin?

Yes, clicking several times the button on the sensor and waiting if it will be included via habmin. No chance, nothing happened. Does it makes a difference if the sensor were paired with a other network before? I’ve only done a reset of the device.

Yes, if it’s been paired in another network, then it must be fully reset for you to include it into a new network.

So, after reseting it again now I was able to include it into my network. It might be necessary to try it several times.

I too was having problems connecting my motion sensor and spent a few hours last night trying to get it included. Tried again this morning and it worked first time. Only difference was I was not in the same room as the z-wave usb and openHAB hub. Just my findings if anyone else is having trouble.