Problems running on unsupported hardware

Hi, I installed OpenHab on Raspberry. OpenHab periodically dangling OpenHab. Raspberry always works, I connect via ssh and restart the sudo /etc/init.d/openhab2 restart service and everything starts working day after day then again the same problem.
Tell me that maybe I read a lot of articles, but everyone either Raspberry freezes too, whether others were still installed applications (KODI, etc.) I have pure Raspberry. Tell me what could be, thanks in advance

Only after you tell us more about your system and software. I have not heard of pure Raspberry before so it may be unsupported hardware.

Which Raspberry (there are at least 11 Models which come in my Mind.)

Which OS do you use? As you are writing about /etc/init.d/openhab2 to restart the service, you either use a very old Raspbian or another OS.

Please use the most recent version of Raspbian or (even better) the openHABian image for installation.
The openHABian image is a pure Raspbian lite with one additional package, this is openhabian-config.

So when first starting the openHABian image, it will take all steps to get the current openhabian-config version (self update), current Raspbian version (i.e. apt update && apt full-upgrade), then starts installing all stuff needed to use openHAB2 in the current stable version.
This first setup will take some time, typically it’s about 1 hour. Please prefer LAN instead of WLAN, even if you own a Raspberry 3 or 4, as the update & install process is much more stable.

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I have a raspberry pi zero w worth Raspbian Buster Lite

Pi Zero is not recomended to run openHAB, not enough power.


I would not recommend anything less than a Pi 3.

Recommendations for a “headless” hardware setup:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 or better, compare your existing device here if you are unsure.
  • SD card (16GB or more to support wear-leveling)
  • Steady power supply
  • Ethernet connection
  • No connected display or keyboard needed

From the official documentation.

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you probably misunderstood only openhab does not work. raspberry works without problems. I can connect to it via ssh at any time

I’m afraid you do not understand actually. The Pi you have is not strong enough to run OpenHAB.

Next to that, I would really recommend to follow @Udo_Hartmann’s advise to use OpenHABian.

Raspberry works great. it is always online and the openhab service itself does not work. Sometimes it works just a day, two, or three, but then something happens with openhab and it does not work. until you reload openhab, raspberry is fully functional.

Likely OpenHAB locks up because it ran out of memory. That is why your hardware is not supported fir OpenHAB. The only way to fix your problem is to use supported hardware. There is nothing else anybody can suggest that would help.