Problems with Fibaro FGT-001 Thermostatic Valve

Hi there,

until now I used Openhab only for some minor and more manual tasks but I now wanted to dig deeper in.
Therefore i bought some Z-Wave devices what seemed for me an easy start, what it isn’t.
However I managed to get a controller up and running and also could manually control a Zipato RGB bulb.

But now I’m stuck with above mentioned Fibaro device.
It is detected but I can’t manage it to work.
I don’t get any temperature from it (I read that there weren’t some in it but the manufacurer adds it with one) and furthermore I don’t get any reaction by the device when I change “thermostat mode” or “setpoint”.
I would expect that the motor of it would make saome noise when changing values

Any hints ?


That’s odd. You’re correct in saying you should get something back. Did you install the device on a radiator as per the manual? I wonder if it does nothing until it’s installed on a valve.

What firmware is the valve running? Sadly you need a Fibaro controller to update, but there were problems with earlier firmware versions