Problems with Homekit after Update

Hi there,

im searching a few hours for fixing my OH Installation. I recently upgraded my System and the Docker Container to 3.3. Came from 3.1 or 3.2. Not sure.

I get “Not Response” in Homekit. When checking with Discovery App on my iPhone, i see openHAB on _hap._tcp but get “An error occurred while resolving a service” when i want to open the entry.

Reinstalled the binding brings no change.

I attached the homekit log from the karaf console while reinstalling the homekit binding.
kafaf.log (118.6 KB)

I have no idea where to start hunting for the problem…
Thanks for help!

the log looks ok.
if you cannot open the entry in discoverAPp then the issue is with the network or mDNS services.
please try to change “Use openHAB mDNS service” setting in homekit settings in main ui

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Hi, i switched it several times. Only the name in the _hap._tcp changes to “openhab (2)”

can you see the enrty “openhab (2)” and the IP address there?

no. its the same. discovery app shows the same error when i try opening it.

Update: Noticed that i have the same issue with the openhab entrys in discovery app.

Hmm, any other advise? I have no idea how to fix the Problem…