Problems with HueEmulator + harmony


First of all, I would like to say that I am completely new with openhab.

The only purpose why I changed to openhab, is Amazon Echo. In germany there are not much skills available,
so we need to apply some tricks.
I like to control all devices connected to my harmony hub, with alexa an i have already tried three days to get the whole thing run, unfortunately so far without success.
i have successfully bind my harmony hub with all devices in openhab and activate HueEmulation.
at the moment im able to control each device with their individual functions (like Volume UP, Menu etc) (not activities!)
This works like a charm via the openhab webinterface. When i create an dummy item with the tag “[ “Switchable” ]”, alexa is able to find it. but now i dont know how to create an Item with the harmony ButtonPress funktion wich can also recognized by alexa. Is there any tutorial out there or has someone already done that and can show me how?

Thanks and greetings from germany