Problems with init.d scrip

Hi I’m using the recent nightly 143
The option wrapper:install creates an init.d script to start oh2.

but when I try to run it - I get a complaint about a syntax error:

/opt/openhab2/userdata/bin/karaf-wrapper: 1: /opt/openhab2/userdata/bin/karaf-wrapper: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

any idea?

On which platform?

It’s rasbian on a Raspi2

Did you read

I did, but I’m on Wheezy and not on Jessie…

Does this still hold true? The command wrapper:intall tells me this:

Ubuntu/Debian Linux system detected (SystemV):
To install the service:
$ ln -s /opt/openhab2/userdata/bin/karaf-service /etc/init.d/

To start the service when the machine is rebooted:
$ update-rc.d karaf-service defaults

Or would you recommend to install systemd (if possible)

I didn’t notice that this section mentions Jessie specifically.

The paragraph before, the one about the wrapper:install mentions

This capability is currently not available for ARM based devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi 1 and 2) but further below shows the manual steps needed

so you cannot use it on a RaspPi, it does not matter which OS version you are running.


I did the additional line to start for rpi, but it fails. what do i do now?

You could start by providing details of what you have tried so far and what problems you are facing.

I updated from non karaf to karaf using a script on here by one of the contributors. then followed openhab rpi service setup. thats all ive done. ised to use, but apparently with karaf that doesnt work.

Which script did you use to update? I’m not aware of this script.
Are you on Raspbian Wheezy or Jessie?
What happened when you followed the service setup?

As a note, you can use karaf version without having to set up a service and call yourself.

it was openhab2-tools, so makeHAB…i dont know what version, whatever comes on the noobs.

and i didnt set up a servive to call, thats just how i used to start it.

Can you run the following please?

ls /opt/openhab2

If the files are definitely there, what happens when you run:


ater confirming files are there…


sudo /opt/openhab/

find: ‘runtime/server’: No such file or directory
Error: could not find equinox launcher in path runtime/server