Problems with Last state in shelly I4 items

I have a problem with the configuration of my shelly I4s.
I want them to trigger different thing depending on the last state.

For the moment I have a rule setup that executes when the item state is Short Push.

Initially that works fine, but after triggering the rule it does not trigger again.

So I thought I would add an expiration timer so the state of the item would be off and able to change to short push again.

however after the items changes to off I cannot trigger short push anymore.
It only works if I trigger something different like long push. Then I can trigger short push again.

How is it possible to trigger something with short push and then trigger it again after a few seconds.

Thank you so much for your help.

Maybe you’re just using the wrong trigger (changed vs. received update)

Please be aware that the common way to trigger on a button event is not via an Item but via a channel triggered event